Tim & Tam is a brand dedicated to producing thoughtfully created quality baby and kids’ products to solve problems. Our Launch product range are our MANE Satin & Organic Jersey Cotton Combi Fitted Sheets.

The MANE by Tim & Tam range of fitted sheets was created by our founder to solve a problem. The problem was that she knew that the cotton sheets her baby was sleeping on was contributing to her little one’s hair loss, hair breakage and balding. She knew it was tugging at her baby’s little hair follicles and stripping her baby’s skin and hair of natural oils and products she had applied. After trying to tuck in her satin scarves on top of her little one’s mattress she observed that the satin scarf would shift during the night and decided there must be a better safer solution! Our MANE by TIM & TAM Satin & Organic Jersey Cotton Combi Fitted Sheets was thoughtfully designed with highest quality Oeko certified fabrics to solve this problem.

TIM & TAM brings you the MANE range of fitted COTBED, CRIB and MOSES BASKET sheets that will ensure your little bundle of joy sleeps safely and comfortably through the night while PROTECTING their HAIR and SKIN. The SATIN HEADREST half of the sheets provide a smooth sleep surface which skin and hair gently glide across as your baby has a peaceful rest. It reduces friction as its low absorbency leaves your little one’s delicate skin and hair hydrated. This is key in helping to prevent frizzy knotty hair, hair breakage, baldness, and dry skin.

Thanks to the breathability of the jersey cotton bodyrest moisture is wicked away from the body while the satin headrest lets the hair retain its moisture to promote soft skin and strong hair without sacrificing comfort. MANE by TIM & TAM fitted sheets are designed with a 360-degree elastic band to make sure it stays firmly in place so your little one can nap throughout the day or night without needing the sheets to be fixed. TIM & TAM baby fitted sheets are also durable and easy to clean